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Vanilla beans : from bloom to bean Vanilla beans : the best vanilla beans
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  Kafrin vanilla : from bloom to bean
Kafrin vanilla : from bloom to bean
n the tropical reaches of Madagascar grows a luxuriant vine with thick leaves. Its flower - Vanilla Planifolia - is a fragile, fragrant orchid, which in turn bears a long and slender fruit : the vanilla bean.

Kafrin vanilla : plantation

A typical vanilla plantation.

Kafrin vanilla   The orchid’s growing stages.
Hand pollination is required
to get the beans to grow.

After a crucial process of curing and drying, the bean yields a subtle and unique spice. Kafrin vanilla vines are carefully planted and tended to produce fragrant orchids. The vines blossom once a year,from September to January . Since the blooms only last a day, pollination must occur with pinpoint accuracy, which means incredibly patient and skilful handwork…

Kafrin vanilla : vanilla orchid Kafrin vanilla : vanilla orchid

The vanilla orchid.

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